Did you know that solanine is a substance in tomato that is harmful to dogs in large quantities? Luckily, it is found in large quantities in the green parts of the tomato plant, namely the stem and the leaves, as well as the young, green tomatoes. The tomato pomace that you get from us is made with caution, ensuring that it does not contain the toxic substance. They are very nutritious and contain lycopene, which reduces the risk of heart disease. They also contain beta-carotene to improve cognition, vitamin A to improve vision, and vitamin C, which is good for the skin. They also contain folate and potassium that improve blood pressure and muscle health.

The Main Benefits are: 

• Highly nutritious • Promotes good health • Improves vision and skin



Product Certifications:

All our products are 100% natural, without any additives nor colorants. Traceability is vitally important for food safety

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